Windsurfing Storage

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If you are already an experienced windsurfer and want to bring along your own equipment, our Centre can offer you a comfortable solution. You can store your sails rigged up together with your board instead of taking them apart and putting them back together again every day.

Your equipment would be available during the working hours of the school, only a few meters from the water. At the end of your holiday before you fly home we will make things easier for you and wash your equipment with fresh water so that you don’t have to worry about it.

• 1 week 60 €
• Every additional week 40 €
• Every additional day 07 €

(storage 1 board 2 rigs)

We also offer special group discounts and reductions; this should be arranged prior to the group arrival via email or telephone on (Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber):  +2 0100 54 50 353

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