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Kitesurfing is easy, anyone can do it! Many people often think they are too old; too unfit; too inflexible; overweight; or can’t swim far enough, but the truth is that on the whole these views are untrue. Kitesurfing is actually much less energetic and demanding on your body than most people realize.

We start our courses with a safety and theory session and then move onto the fun practical parts! Steps are taken to make sure everybody learns the necessary techniques and then we introduce the “power”!

——————————————– BEGINNER COURSES ——————————————-

Power Kite – 2 Hours (land based course)

This power kite course takes you right from the beginning with a short theory session about equipment, safety and the wind before learning to fly and control your kite.

Cost per attendee: 80.00 €

Basic Course – 8 Hours (2-3 days, 2-4 people):
The Basic kitesurfing course is aimed at complete beginners and is a great introduction to the sport. Initially learning the basics and kite control whilst covering safety, site assessments, and kite set-ups, then moving into the water for body dragging and self rescue techniques and first water-start exercises with the kite .

Cost per attendee: 295.00 €

Intensive Course – 12 Hours (3-6 days, 2-4 people):
The Intensive Kite course is specially designed to maximize your training. You’ll get all the quality instruction offered on our 6 hour Basic Course plus additional, more complex body-dragging techniques, board starts and continuous riding while keeping the power in the kite.

Cost per attendee: 425.00 €

——————————————– ADVANCER ——————————————–

Refresher Course – 3 hours (1-2 days, 2-4 people)
When was the last time you stood on the board? This is the perfect solution for those kiters looking to refresh their kiting skills after a short or long break or for all students who have completed their courses but still don’t feel safe and just need some support. We’ll get you back on the board safely and quickly.

Includes: Information, assistance, tips and tricks!

Cost per attendee: 150.00 €

Advanced course – 5 hours (2-3 days, 2-4 people)
This course is aimed at kitesurferswho have already had some kitesurfing lessons, such as a Basic course, and would like some more tuition to master their board starts and controlled riding.

Know the power stroke for a water start
Know the safety rules and theory for water start
Equipment – understanding thescience of different board systems
Practice training –water-start and cruising
Safe turn-over

Cost per attendee: 270.00 €

One-2-One Coaching (All levels)
If you’d like one of our instructors to concentrate only on you – then one-2-one is the way to go!

Cost per hour: 95.00 €


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